Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Cancel my Hotel Reservation?

In case of cancellation of participation in the event, hotel reservations will not be automatically cancelled. The reservation must be cancelled separately by contacting the agency directly with which the service was booked.

Will I get the Refund if I cancel my Event Registration?

The request to unsubscribe can be sent at any time under the following conditions:

  • up to 2nd July 2022: no cancellation fee;
  • from 3rd July 2022 until 3rd. October 2022: the cancellation fee will be 50%;
  • from 4th October 2022 until 15 December 2022: the cancellation fee will be 85%;
  • from 15 December 2022: the cancellation fee will be 100%

To communicate the cancellation of the registration and request the refund due, it is necessary to send an email to specifying:

  • the number of the receipt we issued you after registration;
  • your IBAN / BIC or RIB and the name of your bank with the name and surname of the holder of the bank account or number of the credit card with which the registration was paid.

How Can I make the Payment through the website?

Method of Payment:

  • First Deposit of 20% (non- refundable) of the total amount of your reservation.
  • Before 15 October 2022, you are required to pay up to 80% of the full cost of the reservation (non- refundable)
  • Rest of the reservation must be paid before 15 December 2022. (nonrefundable)
  • Accommodation requests will be arranged on “first come, first served” basis. First deposit will be required in order to confirm your reservation.

Cancellation Policy:

  • From the first deposit to 15 October, you could cancel until 80% of the total room-night per day confirmed without penalties.
  • From 15 October to 15 December 2022, you could cancel until 20% of the total room night per day confirmed without penalties.
  • From 15 December 2022, 100% of penalties in case of any cancellation.